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We are currently in the process of creating a beautiful travel blog style theme.

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Coded well

All of our code is well documented, responsive and systematically sound. By following best practices and fast, our themes help your site in SEO results.

Easily Adjustable

We provide very simply tools to be able to adjust the look and feel of of theme right in the CMS. The themes will be fully document to help you make the changes you need.

Free and Paid for

ProThemes will be offering a free (cut down) version of our themes. Paid for versions will include advance options and features enabling further customisations.

Our themes will be sold on a per theme biases, not as a membership or club, and be exclusive to this site.


One Small Step - The Traveller's Blog Theme

We are very excited to be readying the release of our first theme. Anyone who travel blogs will appreciate the beautiful typography, thoughtful spacing to allow your images to shine.

This theme will be as stunning as the places you have visited and showcase your writings and imagery. Whether you are blogging about the town or city around you or your international travels the One Small Step theme will have you sorted.

Some features to look forward to:

  • Automatic colour selection from your images
  • Different page designs
  • Beautiful gallery and lightbox experience
  • Google map of all the places you have visited
  • Full responsive
  • Customisable
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